19/08/2009 § Mag-iwan ng puna

“We live in a world of darkness.” This is what the deceased Queen had always said. Most of the villagers never believed her, or maybe it is just because we never knew what “darkness” looks like. Some say that the queen is referring to evilness and not the absence of light, but that’s contradicting the fact that our little country is peacefully quiet! The sheriffs here almost do nothing but scout and help people who are being attacked by blind horses! Yes, even the animals are blind. We do not have a clue why all of us can’t see but we lived as if we are all normal. It is even funny for some kids to think that humans can actually see! Ha-ha, kids here always thought that sight is a supernatural power. Anyway, enough of these pointless recall, I think I’ve got something important to attend to… Ah! This morning is my promotional ceremony!

It is another cold morning in our country plaza, where I discerned the required oaths, as the villagers murmur about King Alvin’s strong but pleasant aroma, after His Majesty laid his soft right hand above my bare head; I am now a General! According to the two other Generals, I was personally selected by His Majesty for this position. I do not know why but I am sure His Majesty has his reasons. I was just about to face the crowd when I suddenly heard a deep voice, “General Perseus, I would like to see you after your celebrations” the King’s words are short but powerful, much like a thunder on a quiet night…

It is already lunch time when I and my crew finished the merrymaking, so I headed to the Palace. I was already in front of the Palace’s gates, when Anne, a pub owner, holds onto my scarf with his gloved hands and said, “Captai- no, General Perseus! I am here to congratulate you for your promotion and to thank you for saving my son from drowning last night. Here please accept this humble gift from me.” She then handed to me a bottle of wine. “This is unnecessary, Anne, I just did what any man would do. Take this back, your pub could use it more productively.” I said in reply as I handed the bottle back and caressed her hooded head. She tried to insist but I didn’t give in, I continued entering the Palace. The King greeted me as I walked towards the hallway, “A good afternoon this is isn’t it, my new General? How’s you’re first few hours in service?” His Majesty said. “It was great, my Lord. A lot of villagers tried giving me gifts, but, of course, I know that they’ll need it more than me…” I replied as we both sat around a wooden table. The King sipped a bit of his drink before saying, “Boy, you sure are modest, eh? You should be more practical when it comes to those kinds of things. Yes, they might need those, but are they more important than you? Besides, how do you think will they feel after being rejected?” I was taken aback by what His Majesty said, I never thought of it that way, I was so busy thinking about other’s material needs, I almost forgot about their emotions and myself! “I am sorry my Lord, next time I’ll accept them…’

Because of our conversation, I realized that I’ve got a lot of mistakes with how I treat things and other people. It took us till dinner time so I also ate dinner with the King, normally, I would’ve refused but, his majesty said that, “in order to prosper, you must take every opportunity to be better than the rest”. So, I think it would just be right to take advantage of this deliciously free dinner!

I can already hear crickets by the time I left the mansion. And because of the disturbing fact that all horses are blind, I walked home. I passed by the house of Frenz, an architectural genius, and, Rhamuel, a master blacksmith. The two are married for 8 years by now, and it seemed like they are having an argument. I then remembered what the King said about enemies; “you’ll never know when or where they’ll show” I was immediately suspicious of them, they have all the prerequisites for an enemy, power, knowledge, and money; all that’s left is a motive! With this, I eavesdropped, I heard Rhamuel contradicting something Frenz said, and “…that’s just plainly impossible! No matter what you do, a man will still sink in the sea!” he said. Frenz answered, “I don’t think that’s right Rhamuel, most people think that way, and that’s why we’re never sure about it! You know what’s a wood right? Well, wood floats!” Rhamuel replied, but this time with a groan, “That’s just plain nonsense, Frenz. Even if a wood floats, by the time you put a man along with it, the whole thing will sink! Birds can’t make people fly!” Frenz defended her beliefs with apparent determination, “You’ll think you’re stupid after I prove everything to you. Tomorrow morning, I’ll test a wooden vessel I built to float even if people ride in it, soon, you’ll see.” Their conversation ended with no clear victor, seems like it’ll all be decided by tomorrow. I wondered what was that wooden-vessel Frenz was talking about, a vehicle to carry people above the sea, perhaps! I’ll have to see that! And with excitement, I resumed walking home along this cold and lonely road…

The fragrance of the pastries at the nearby bakery welcomed my day joyfully. I performed my daily morning routine and headed towards Rhamuel and Frenz’s home! I am still excited about that wooden vessel Frenz talked about. I knocked three times at there steel door, producing three loud bangs. Rhamuel answered the door, “Oh, good morning General Perseus what is it that you need this early in the morning?” he addressed to me with an obvious you-waked-me-up-this-better-be-good shock, I asked him about his wife and he replied ahh-ly “Oh, she told me last night that he would be doing something with the sea, so she is most probably in the Northern beach, since that’s her favorite beach. Anyway, why do you need my wife?” I replied with a lie, afraid that he might deduce that I’ve eavesdropped on them, “We just have something to talk about one of her architectural projects.” And I left hastily, heading north…

And after finally getting at the Northern beach, I was disappointed. No one is there; I can only hear the waves, I can only smell the breeze, I can only feel the trees. No one is there. Wait, I should not be put down by this emotion, just as what the King said, “A heart is just a hindrance for the brain”. If she’s not here, it’s either her husband’s information is wrong or she’s already out to the seas! I was thinking to order my now more subordinates to search around the island’s beaches while I wait here for her fortunate return when I suddenly heard something moving from the seas! I ran towards the shore as I listened more carefully while shouting for Frenz’s name. “General!” a seemingly surprised Frenz answered,”S-so even you can’t… whew, Sir, this terrible! I have made this sea-traveling vehicle, and then I sailed out to the sea, but as I went further and further, my eyes started to get a glimpse of something else that is not black, and then, and then, an explosion of those different not-black-things started! I WAS ABLE TO SEE!” I was greatly stunned by what Frenz said as my hairs started to rise up. “Wait! Wait! What you’re saying is clearly impossible-“I stopped as I felt her touch me on my shoulders and adjust me to face another direction, I then felt that she is breathing heavily; I am now facing her; she can really see! “What, but how? What did you do? How did you see? Can you still see? Then make me see too!” I yelled with thrill and excitement. “Wear this mask and you’ll see…” she said as she put onto my face a mask that covered my nose down to my mouth. And then, I started to see things that are not really black…”BANG!” the sound of a gun firing a bullet suddenly echoed throughout the beach. I ducked and stumbled upon Frenz, my vision is starting to clear up. The very first sight I saw is Frenz’s face covered with a dark fluid which opposed the light color of her round eyes. I instinctively grasped Frenz’s mask and ran as quick as I can, I tried to look back and saw the, also masked, gunman up in a tower about 10 meters away. I also noticed the seemingly different color of the sky farther out the sea, its something so cool; it relaxed my eyes even if I just looked there for a second. It is in contrast to what the surroundings of the town is colored, its something that is so irritating. Anyhow, I have to run for my life.

As I entered the town itself, I was horrified. People that are talking to each other can’t even face the person they’re talking to! Kids who desperately try to play and run bump onto almost anything! But what really stunned me are their eyes, they are dark, something completely different to what Frenz had. Only there did I realize that the irritating color that surrounds the town is a gas, a poison gas! I quickly ran to Rhamuel, who is outside and is taking care of his merchandise. “Rhamuel, Frenz discovered how to see! Here wear this mask!” And I put the mask on his face and continued talking. “…you see, the whole town is surrounded by a poison gas, and if you wear this mask, it will prevent you from breathing the poison and therefore, will let you see!” I yelled to let everyone hear. “Oh crap. I can see! But, where is Frenz, she should be with you right?” Rhamuel exclaimed. “Frenz is dead, she was killed, and somebody is trying to stop the people from seeing! We should-“I suddenly felt something pierce through my chest as a BANG sound made its way through my ears. I was shot. I’ve just began to see… why are they blinding us. And that was the last thought I had…

[started on last quarter of 2008, finished on May 2009, originally a requirement for an English class in high school]


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